Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dear Santa

Hello to my beautiful readers and I hope you all are doing well.

The holidays are just around the corner, the best and the most merry time of the year, everyone is setting up Christmas trees and decorating them with sparkly ornaments and preparing their wishlists. 
Wishlists, who doesn't love a good wishlist? That is what I have in today's post, a girly wishlist/ gift guide for the holiday season for all the beautiful ladies out there.


I have been admiring this palette for the longest time but I always strayed away from buying this because I had no justification for my purchase. However with Christmas right around the corner, I think that this palette would come in so handy, the burgundy hues would really compliment winter put fits and makeup looks and I think we could all use a beautiful sturdy palette in our lives.


 I LOVE THE KYLIE LIPKITS except the fact that it costs me a lot to ship them to my country. The colours are amazing, pigmentation s really perfect and it stays on for bloody ages, it is the perfect matte lipstick in my opinion. I think that Maliboo would be a very perfect colour for this time of the year t pair with heavy eye makeup during the holiday parties. Also it can be worn all year round and it stays put so what's not to love about it?


 People who know me well know how obsessed I am with rose gold. Its so feminine and pretty and goes with almost everything. I have been eyeing these sunglasses for a while now and I cannot seem to get over how pretty it is. I think it would be a perfect purchase.

4. Adore Me Sleepwear:

Who does not love comfy luxurious pajamas and pretty princessy robes? I know for a fact that I do. Adore Me PJ sets and robes are so soft and luxurious looking. I am absolutely obsessed with the Daniele Robe and the Matilda PJ Set. They look so classic and something that Blair Waldorf would wear. I don't know about you but I love going to bed knowing that I look good, it's just a thing with me. I think it would make for great gifts as well because of its elegant look and classic designs. You should definitely check their website out for more cute lingerie and sleepwear and treat yourself or your loved ones.


Here we go with rose gold again, I love Swarovski and their jewelry and I love rose gold. Their tennis bracelets are so pretty and I think this particular one is very elegant and chic. I would love to add it to my collection. Also, it makes for a great gift for that special someone.

x What is on your wishlist x


Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I didn't have wifi so I was not able to put this post up. However I hope that you will enjoy today's blog post. 
So not long ago, I was just going through the Kylie Cosmetics website, expecting everything to be sold out as usual but that was not the case, I was really surprised to find the lipkits in stock and so I HAD TO BUY THEM. I chose to buy the Dolce K lipkit as I felt that it would look the best against my black hair and olive Asian skintone. BOY AM I IMPRESSED!  had been looking forever for a lipcolour that has some grey-mauvey undertones becauseI think its sucha pretty colour and good for everyday. Dolce K is just that, its a muted brown colour with hints of mauve and grey, pretty much the perfect shade for me.
I have heard many people complain about it being drying and the formula not being good enough but I have a different opinion. I think that the formula is amazing, it is absolutely lightweight and you do not even feel it on your lips and if you apply a little balm before applying it, it is absolutely perfect.
IT smells like vanilla and creme eggs so that is  win-win. Now talking about the lipliner, it is the same colour as the liquid lipstick so if you do have problems with the liquid lipstick, you can always use the lipliner as it is very soft and creamy and does not tug at your lips.
 Longevity wise, it is AMAZING because it does not feather or fade, stays put through meal and drinking. It literally stayed on for 9 hours through lunch and drinks and coffee and a lot of desserts

My final verdict is that the lipkit is amazing and totally worth the money and since it is becoming easier to buy them, you should definitely get yourself one. I plan on getting my hands on Candy K next because I am that obsessed with it now.

Do you have a Kylie Lipkit?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


 Hello dear readers,

Hope you all are doing well and I hope that you are read a new post that I have for you in collaboration with Tommy John.
Now I am pretty sure that almost all of us have experience that moment where it is boiling hot outside but the moment you enter your office, it is freezing cold but you have nothing to keep you warm. Yeah I get it, is confusing to dress up in such situations but worry not because yours truly  is here to help you all slay.

Now my personal preference to dress up during such moments is to slip on a summer blazer. Summer blazers are my absolute favorite because not only are they pretty and lighter compared to your average winter blazers but also come in handy when you want to layer in summers without looking like a grandma.
I have put together an editorial of a few looks from which you can take inspiration and create your own looks.

Now, I know that wearing blazers all the time can get boring so I also like to wear shirt dresses. Shirt dresses loo really pretty and elegant and are made out of a very comfortable material. Full sleeved shirt dresses are a blessing as its loose structure is easy and breathable for when you step outside and it's like you stepped into a fireball but at the same time, it provides comfort in the chilly office conditions.
Now I also have something for you guys out there. I may not have the best knowledge in terms of men's fashion but I did try my best to help you all out as well. So summers mean bright colors and what not and casuals. In this set that I have created, I put together a very causal outfit but made it look professional by adding a summer blazer again. That way, not only can it take you from desk to date but it can also keep you warm and it is a very flexible outfit.
I also feel that men and young professional workers can always take the help of some comfortable underwear as they not only keep you comfortable but are great as well.
Do check them out on Tommy John.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a great weekend.

How do you layer during the summer?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello my lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently but here I am back with a new post and its a review on the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Lip Pencil in the shade 'Rose', quite a mouthful for a product I'd say.
Now a few days back I went shopping with my best friend and I was looking for a lip product to gift myself for my birthday (its next month and I am turning 18) since I'm a sucker for lip products. I actually wanted to buy 'Blankety' by MAC but as usual it was out of stock which was kind of a disappointment. However, I did find this perfect lip product when I walked into Estee Lauder. I personally love matte lipsticks and I'm one of those people on whom lip products hardly last. The best part about this is that it lasted me through dinner and multiple glasses of juice and what not. It definitely lives upto its 12 hour guarantee.
Also, I love love LOVE the colour, its a beautiful mauvey pink shade and just the type I was looking for.
Another great thing about this product is that it is incredibly smooth and glides over your lips like magic without tugging and does not dry your lips out unlike most lipliners. Overall, I am, highly impressed with this and I will definitely repurchase it again

More posts will be coming your way soon and thank you for stopping by xoxo


Saturday, 20 February 2016


Hello my lovely readers!

I've collaborated with MakeSpace on this post. MakeSpace is like your second closet, a cloud closet. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of you with a wardrobe full of clothes, clothes that you don't require for the time being and you don't know what to do. The good news is that you can box these clothes, shoes and accessories up and MakeSpace will store it for you till the time you need it again. Who doesn't love a second closet when you have a wardrobe full of clothes? I know that I do. You girls out there seriously need to check out MakeSpace
This post was to help all those who're stuck regarding how to manage their wardrobe and how to transition into the spring season.

In today's post, I present to you the latest Spring 2016 trends inspired by the runways and the various fashion weeks that have been happening all over. How tired are you of wearing numerous layers of clothing? I know I am, as much a so love winters, there's something amazing in Spring's fine air.
Here are some of the trends that I think will definitely take over our wardrobe this Spring. Are you ready to jazz up for the new year. Then let's get started, shall we?

1. Skirts: The New York Fashion Week has showcases some really amazing skirts. From suede to fringe to denim, it's all there I personally think that denim button down skirts and suede skirts make a great style statement of paired with a minimalist top, a pair of moccasins and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Also, a little gloss never hurt nobody. You can also put on a little fedora for a more bohemian chic vibe.

2. Victorian BlousesThis is my personal favourite and I'm sure many of you love wearing pussy-bow blouses too. Well, this is the perfect time as it is so elegant and in right now. Pair a nice classic Victorian styled blouse with a pair trousers and pumps for a polished look. For a more flirty look, pair it up with a structure A-line skirt. Skirts are great choices too. These blouses add a little flair and feminine touch to your look. It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a spring brunch or just a normal day.

3. White button down shirts: Looks like the latest trend is going big on blouses and shirts. Who doesn't live a crispy, white button down shirt? It's feminine, classy, elegant, polished. You can dress it up, dress it down, what's not to love? I'm sure most of you a,ready have one in your wardrobe, if not, invest in one. You can wear it in so many different ways. I'd suggest wearing it with the classic blue jeans and some strappy sandals and minimalist accessories for a daytime or work look. If you want to dress it up, pair with some cropped trousers, put on some stilettos and a statement necklace or a pair of gorgeous earrings.

Now since we have already spoken about some of the season's latest trends, why not talk about how you can incorporate bits and pieces from your winter wardrobe.. in your spring wardrobe? Yes, you read that right.

Denim Jackets: Denims are also very in this season. All of us have a denim jacket in our wardrobe and it is such a versatile piece of clothing. It can be used in the winter and in the hotter months. Recycle that jacket, bring it out, wear it in Spring'16. Wear it over a maxi dress, or rock that denim on denim trend.

Lightweight Blazers: We all have atleast one pretty lightweight blazer (in my case, cropped) which we wear when temperatures start dropping initially. But, you can also wear it in the transition from winter to spring. Rock it in bold hues like Orange (another trend spotted on the runway) or in pastel hues like pink or mint, or go the classic way with a black blazer. You can wear them with just about everything.

Scarves: Ah! Scarves, flirty, feminine and chic. Scarves are perfect for layering and they come in very handy during season changes. Instead of wearing thick chunky knit scarves, opt for a little thinner scarf, preferably with some pattern on it. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post.

Which trend will you be wearing this Spring'16?

Sunday, 31 May 2015


Picture source: Pinterest

It has been almost an year since I have started this blog. In this one year, I have achieved quite a lot(a lot to me), I have over 100 followers on Bloglovin, a readership that I value so much, more than 2000 views on my blog. I have also made some good friends through blogging and it has made me much more creative and patient as a person. I was very hesitant when I first started my blog, I would read a lot of tips and advises and finally decided to start my own blog. It has been quite a journey since then and there's still a long road to go. For those of who have just started blogging or are wishing to start, here are a few advises that I think would help. I am in no means a big blogger like Kristina Bazan from Kayture or Chiara Ferragni from The blonde Salad, but these are some basic tips that must be kept in mind and so here I am sharing them with my lovely readers.

  1. Find a suitable name for the blog: I cannot stress this point enough. A name is everything, it is your identity, your blog's identity, it distinguishes you from the sea of blogger, makes you unique. Choose a name that represents you, your blog's theme and something you love and can relate to. You wouldn't want to change your blog name too often, so choose a name for your blog very wisely, take time and make a list and choose from the lost.
  2. Choose a good layout: While choosing a layout for your blog, keep in mind that the blog must look attractive and clean, it should not be congested and should be easy for your readers to navigate through. Choose a nice header, make an about me page, include social media in your blog and use good pictures for your blog posts. The main goal is to make it look clean and gorgeous at the same time.
  3. Use social media: I highly recommend the use of social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' to improve your readership and to interact with other bloggers who have the same interests as you. Take part in twitter chats, tweet about your new posts, get to know other bloggers. Use Instagram to post good pictures and promote your blog. Although, do not spam your followers, posting twice to thrice a day about your blog is a good idea.
  4. Quality over Quantity: Posting 7 days a week isn't necessary. Instead, work on your post, put effort into it, take time clicking pictures editing them and writing down the post. If you post twice a week, as long as your quality of the post is good, it's all good. I t will not only make your readers happy but it will also make you proud and happy of what you have posted. so it is always quality over quantity

Hope this post could help out atleast one of you x

Friday, 29 May 2015


Hello my munchkins!
I feel so terrible because I haven't posted for a month but it's only because the past month has been so crazy with all the school, work and stuff as it is my last school year and definitely the most important, so I hope you understand.
Now as far the post is concerned, it is about this beautiful lipstick by MAC named Velvet Teddy. This is my 3rd MAC product and my 2nd MAC lipstick. I had been eyeing this shade for a year because it is such a beautiful color. It's the perfect nude for my skin tone, it doesn't look too brown on me, it's subtle and goes with every outfit you can think of. 
Since my birthday is coming up(12th July, for those wondering), I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to treat myself and that is why I bought this day before yesterday on my trip to the mall with a couple of friends.
This is such a gorgeous shade,it is a matter brownish-pink lipstick and I love matte lipsticks. The other lipstick that I own from MAC is a matte one as well. This is not drying at all on my lips, it glides on smoothly, it smells so sweet and heavenly and nice and again it is a gorgeous color(I HAVE SAID THIS LIKE ABOUT A 100 TIMES NOW). This is definitely my go to color now